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We have the expertise and experience to proficiently meet all of your insurance needs. You can click on any of the products or services listed below for more information.

Fish & Associates Insurance - Car Insurance

We offer competitive premiums and complete coverage for all your vehicles. Coverages include:

  • Preferred and standard auto
  • High risk auto
  • Motorcycle
  • Motor homes
  • Camping trailers, travel trailers, utility trailers
  • Recreational vehicles: all-terrain vehicles, trail bikes, snowmobiles, golf carts, mini bikes, dune buggies, jet skis and wet bikes, antique, classic or special-interest cars

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Fish & Associates Insurance - Home Insurance

Insurance coverages we offer for your home include:

  • Homeowners and Homeowners plus protection
  • Condominium unit-owner’s insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Personal umbrella liability
  • Replacement cost contents protection
  • Inland Marine personal articles

For additional information about the coverage we provide, please contact us.

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Life Insurance

We can help you tailor a protection plan to fit your unique needs and your budget. Life products we offer include:

  • Level Term and Renewable Term
  • Universal Life
  • Whole Life
  • Return of Premium Term
  • Final Expense

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Fish & Associates Insurance - Flood Insurance

Homeowners insurance does NOT cover flood damage! Learn more about flood insurance by clicking on this link to the National Flood Insurance Plan.

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Fish & Associates Insurance - Farmowners Insurance

We offer Farm programs which provide all the coverage you need for your farm. Features include:

  • Farm dwelling and household personal property coverage
  • Farmers comprehensive personal liability coverage
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Coverage for physical damage to the property of others
  • Inflation guard protection
  • TV antennas/satellite dish coverage

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Fish & Associates Insurance - Umbrella Liability

We can provide you with protection against catastrophic liability claims. An umbrella policy acts as an excess coverage over your primary liability policies. Its limits apply in addition to the provided by underlying coverage. This form provides a higher limit of coverage that is excess over scheduled underlying policies. It is used in one of three ways:

  • To provide additional limits of protection over the coverage listed in your underlying schedule
  • To act as primary coverage if your underlying limits are exhausted
  • To provide coverage for some risks, subject to retention, when your primary coverage does not.

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Fish & Associates Insurance - Retirement Plans

We offer options such as, Traditional & Roth IRA, SIMPLE & SEP Plans, Qualified and Non Qualified Annuities:

 Roth IRA-A Roth IRA is also primarily an individual savings plan. Contributions can be made up to a specified limit but are non-deductible on your tax form.

Traditional IRA-A traditional IRA is primarily an individual savings plan. Contributions are made up to a specified limit with the contribution tax deductible.

SEP IRA-A SEP-IRA (Simplified Employee Pension) is a retirement plan that is available to self-employed individuals and small businesses. A SEP-IRA is a written plan that allows a self-employed person to contribute towards his/her retirement and to contribute towards employee’s retirements without the complexity of other plans.

SIMPLE IRA-A SIMPLE IRA is an employer sponsored plan where plan contributions are made to a participating employees IRA. The tax-deferred contributions are higher than a traditional or Roth IRA. The Internal Revenue Code uses the term SIMPLE plan to refer to a SIMPLE IRA. SIMPLE IRA are usually found in companies with less than 100 employees who want to provide an alternative to a qualified profit sharing plan.

Annuities-A contract between a person and an insurance company where the person pays a specified amount for the annuity. In return, the person will receive payments in the future for the stated period of time in the annuity contract. There are several types of annuities.

Contact us directly for information specific to your situation.  We can help you develop a plan to meet your retirement needs.

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Fish & Associates Insurance - Business Insurance

We offer a broad line of products to meet your business insurance needs. Products and services include:

  • A Businessowners’ Policy that is broad and comprehensive to meet businessowners’ needs in the areas of property and liability coverage. Coverage for specific businesses and optional extended coverage are also available.
  • The Commercial Package Policy is flexible to ensure comprehensive coverages tailored for specific businesses. It includes Property, Comprehensive General Liability, Crime, Inland Marine and Automobile coverages.
  • The Commercial Umbrella Policy provides the extra protection every business requires with extra limits where general liability and automobile limits end.
  • Loss Control Services that help you reduce loss severity exposure, provide information on reducing loss frequency, and identifies safety programs.

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Fish & Associates Insurance - Boat Insurance

We can insure almost any kind of boat, including personal watercraft up to 50 feet in length and $250,000 value.  Coverages include:

  • Total loss replacement
  • Disappearing deductibles
  • Personal effects replacement
  • 24 hour roadside assistance
  • On-water towing
  • Property damage liability-coverage for fuel spills
  • Medical payments coverage-including waterskiers

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Fish & Associates Insurance - Motorcycle Insurance

We can insure most types of bike, ATVs, bikes over 25 years old, and custom bikes. Features include:

  • Accessory coverage (Custom parts and equipment)
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  • 24 hour roadside assistance
  • Liability, comprehensive, and collision
  • Loan/Lease Gap Coverage to pay off the unpaid amount due on loan or lease and the actual cash value of the motorcycle
  • Discounts-Association membership, multi-motorcycle, safety riding course completion, and anti-theft devices

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Fish & Associates Insurance - RV Insurance

We have products that can insure your Recreational Vehicle as well as its contents and special equipment. We can also provide coverage for the specific and unique liability associated with the ownership of a Recreational Vehicle.

  • Total loss replacement
  • Replacement cost of personal property
  • Emergency vacation expense
  • Disappearing deductibles
  • Full timer’s coverage
  • 24 hour road side assistance

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We are licensed to do business in the state of Ohio for the lines of business listed above. The purpose and intended scope of this site are being conducted for these lines of business and within these listed jurisdictions only.

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