Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), and I’m going to take it as an opportunity to remind you more than usual that life insurance coverage is very important, often neglected, and probably less expensive than you think.  Watch for Facebook and Twitter posts with links to information and resources all month long.

I truly encourage you to give your personal situation some thought this month.  If your life insurance is provided by your employeer do you know how much and what kind of coverage you have? Check with HR.  If you own life insurance, how long has it been since you bought it/thought about it. Maybe it’s time for a checkup.  Visit   there is a lot of good information there, including calculators to help you determine your life insurance needs.

And, of course, call me, email me, stop in to chat.  I will answer your questions and help you understand what you have now,  what your options are, and help build a plan that works for your family and your budget.